So, I just left all the Easter eggs in the car for the morning, on a day I did not expect the sun to be shining. In living memory, I have not encountered such a mess. Anyway, that leather upholstery just paid for itself. If you think my Easter spirit has deserted me, you’d be wrong. I love this time of the year…it always feels like a new beginning. Which is lucky, as that is technically what Easter is. Go back to Sunday school if you don’t know what I’m talking about. My daughter and I are down at our beach shanty, and soon my Mum will produce the home-made hot crossies, meaning my pre-Logies no bread diet will take a hit. May have to double spanx this year. I wish you all a happy, peaceful Easter and hope that if you require a new beginning, one will be forthcoming. Jane x

obsessing over


Maybe it’s all this rain we have been having? Maybe it’s the fact I have moved house again and have done a serious down size? I’m not sure of the exact reason but I am doing some pin pin pinteresting obsessing over these pools. I want warmth, I want decks, I want big glass windows, I want a house wedged into a hilltop with a long drive way and pool for my martini sipping mates. I want to be lying about, soaking up the sun and have no where to go. For just one day – or maybe a few. Is that too much to ask?

What about you, what are you obsessing over these days? Jane x

love you


I have been packaging up the second batch of these beautiful pillowcases after I sold out my first lot! So exciting. If you haven’t already grabbed yourself a pair – yes a pair of hand printed pillowcases for $60 what a bargain! Make sure you snatch some up. I am getting the rest of my range ideas together with the aim of a design market launch towards the end of the year so whether these beauties make the cut or not I am not sure…. So you may be getting your hands on some seriously limited edition stock if you hurry.

You can find my Love You pair of pillowcases in my shop, until sold out. Jane x

the golden ticket


I’ve been mad on gold for some time now. I’m talking years. I was beginning to think I needed to change my name to Franco Cozzo and/or move to Morocco, them BOOM everyone caught on. I wore Gold lame shoes to the Logies back in 1990, and frankly, I may do so again this year. My bathroom taps are gold. My cat’s collar is gold. I don’t even mind the odd gold tooth. An easy way to see if you can stomach the gilded lifestyle is to get yourself a gold pot or bowl or something…I got this one from ptter Bridget Bodenham. Too cute. I think it’s the combo of gold and dots. Anyway, that is the tip of the golden iceberg. Do yourself a favour and start small (a pillowslip from my range could do it) and before you know it, you’ll be wallpapering your daughter’s bedroom. Like I did. Gold and dots…the unbeatable combo… Jane x


Room Salvation 03: Rachel

I’m so excited at the response to my Room Salvations – thank you so much to everyone who has sent in pictures and requests. I will get to you all! Today I am going to get cracking on our third salvation – Rachel’s master bedroom. After living in their home for ten years, Rachel has finally realised it’s time to start (and finish) her master bedroom, it’s been a little ignored and is in dire need of a freshen up. Well, Rachel – I’m your girl!

Rachel- footprintRachel- before

This bedroom space is a little odd with the three doors but has great natural light – two doors take a heap of space but lead into a ensuite and robe, and the room is dwarfed by a king bed. But I am a believer that the more space you have – the more junk you accumulate so having a room on the smaller side is definitely not a bad thing. The layout of Rachel’s room works well, it leaves a walk space to the robe & bathroom and it maximises the light from the window. By moving the dresser to the right wall besides the entrance & the chair to the window corner – the flow of this room remains the same. What I am hoping to achieve in this salvation is merely an update of the room. Get rid of some old and funk it up with some colour, bring in some details to create a feeling of homeliness and comfort.

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