a blank canvas



I spent some time today on the hunt for the perfect white ceramic pieces for my new range. I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on, but at the moment it is still all in my head fermenting and exists in scribbles and drawing in notebooks. Sourcing all the bases for items has been a fun job, not. Trying to find suppliers who are willing to supply small makers doing small runs, not mass producing and wanting a 1000 of everything. Trying to get a great price and not compromise on quality. I want to use local and I want to feel it before I buy it, I don’t want to pay too much because in the end – I don’t want you to pay too much. It’s all a little bit too much for my brain right now. So I am looking at blank shapes of cushions and pillows and sheets and ceramics and I know what I want to put on them, where I want to print on them, how I am going to package them and the colours that they will be. I just need to get hold of them. J x



You know that niggling feeling of when you spot something you want and you say to yourself  ‘oh jane you don’t need that ‘ and you put it back. Then you go home and you think and think and think about it. And you kick yourself for not getting said thing. Because you can’t just go back and get it because it was second hand and you know it’ll be snapped up and gone already. It’s like being outbidded by 50c on an item in the very last nano second on ebay – you would have gone higher but you didn’t. And then it was gone. No win for you. well there was this set of pristine vintage champagne glasses – the wide ones. And I am mourning my loss of them, I want them so bad. Anyone got any rose or gold rim ones for me? come on…someone must! What are you obsessing over at the moment? Jane x

Room Salvation 06 : Violet

I have hit the six month mark with these Room Salvation’s – as you can imagine I am pretty happy with that. Living my decorating needs vicariously through you all! And with the lovely feedback I get from the recipients I am pretty sure all you guys are loving the virtual makeovers as well. Although, in saying that my folder of future room salvations is running a little low and I need to get some more – so have you got a room for me? are you in? If so, get in contact with me. I would love a laundry or bathroom space….Have a think about it, now let’s get onto this fresh tween space that is need of a little colour and personality. Violet’s room has a good solid base - white walls, simple dark carpet, ample robe and a great big window letting the sun shine in (and wake her up at 11am - oh the drama) It even has my favourite white inoffensive roller window shade. Now all it needs is some salvation style spunk.


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the project


I get around you know. Well I don’t really. If I had more time I would, as I love me some TV appearances, you know being an actress and all. And The Project is just one of those gigs I love because it covers my favourite things to do – get my blow wave on, get my face on, get my opinions on and just chat. And another thing – Yay! schools back and Im back on the radio. Told you I get around. Jane x

2 weeks




Jeez I love school holidays. Actually not just school breaks – any breaks. A public holiday, tack it on after a sunday and I am pumped. I’ll take any time off I can get, any day I don’t have to set my alarm to an ungodly hour is a good day in my book. And two blissful weeks full of it. Living the dream. I snuck away and caught up on holiday house chores, sleeping, making cupcakes for the kid, hanging with the cat and just sitting about. I think I have earned myself a good restful break and I have taken it. And damn it – it just went by so fast.

I’m already getting into work mode even though I have two more days to go. I’ve got a lot on my plate in the new few months, I am currently working on my new range which will be launch at the Big Design Market in December and yeah sure it seems miles away but things take f o r e v e r. OK, and maybe I take forever. I am trying to find the perfect gold trim – and can I find it? No. Will I settle for less? No.

So second half of the year, game on. Jane x