I have been obsessed in velvet, plush lush velvet. It’s kind of creepy. I am going to blame the weather. When I am cold and it’s rainy all I want to do is run my hands over some velvet. On one hand it reminds me of a real 80′s fabric, I’m thinking of dresses and scrunchies and headbands, but then I sink into a green velvet sofa and I don’t care how 80′s I am because I am all about comfort. What are you obsessing over at the moment? Jane x

Room Salvation 07: Shannon’s Dorm Room

Shannon needs some decorating help. If you have a look at that before image you can see why! It’s not as if she need’s this space made over, she just need’s a push in the right direction about what to do with this uber bland dorm room. Blank canvas baby! Love it. This is a hugely exciting time – you’re away from home, you are meeting new people and getting in to the groove of a new way of life. You have you’re own space – OK it may be a shoebox, but it’s your own. What do you do to it to make it your own? To make it fun and warm and a happy place to be. Cos right about now it looks like a prison cell. Without the bars. So let’s take a crack!room-salvation-floorplan


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Look. I am surrounded by talkers. All day, everyday. And yeah OK, maybe I’m a bit of talker myself. Kind of comes with the territory really. But the fun thing about my talky all day every day chattiness is that when my mouth stops in the mornings, you can listen to it in the arvo’s. Or all day, or whenever it suits. Podcasts baby! Genius. No ads, no music – just pure chitter chatter. You can get on the Mix fm podcasts bandwagon right here. What are you listening to? To us loonies? Jane x


laying the groundwork




It’s a little quiet over here isn’t it? Well I’m working on my range and working on the radio and working on living my life and working in my house. So sorry. But here’s a snippet. J x

instant colour




It’s a weird notion that one can turn on their phone and be surrounded by creativity. But if I take a quick peak on instagram, it’s there, in my face – in all it’s colour and all it’s look at how awesome my stuff/life/food/drinks/kid is. And I know that on social media we only show what we want people to see – most definitely in my case, who wants to see my dirty laundry? No one. Damn, I don’t even want to look at it. Does that mean I am not real? No. It just means I will always keep it nice and clean and bright and hopefully inspirational. You won’t see many selfies as I don’t even know how to take them properly. And I’m not 14 years old.

My instagram feed is full of loveliness, I like it that way. Full of stores with products I love, full of people whose style I dig, full of stars I can watch from a safe distance and not feel like a stalker! It’s a guilty pleasure. It’s a beautiful pic when all I want to do is scroll and not interact – although sometimes I do – when I just need a minute to numb my brain. It fits the bill. I can live vicariously through you when you holiday, I can oooh and ahhh over your vignettes with roses from your garden and I can also read a quote and promise myself to remember that. I can feel like I am interacting with people when really I’m sitting in my car waiting for the gymnastics class to finish. Come follow me at xsalvationjanex, Jane x

Pics above are taken from my instagram feed. Images are by tupenny_farm, downthatlittlelaneshop, fenton_and_fenton, babymacbeth, littleshop, scoutstkilda & natalie_miller-design.