Australian Women’s Weekly


I know a girl should never ordinarily be seen in her curlers, but for the Australian Women’s Weekly, I am prepared to make an exception. This shoot was a hoot (wow…… poetry) and it’s considered to be very cool in my radio circles to be featured in this mag. It’s on the news stands now, with a real famous person (little prince George) on the cover.

So, if you think all I do is hang around in evening wear eating fruit salad and gas-bagging, it seems you are correct! Jane x


2 responses to Australian Women’s Weekly

  1. Libby says:

    Fantastic shot…captures you both beautifully! I wasn’t going to buy this copy (baby William didn’t grab me) but article on you guys has me rushing out tomorrow for a copy!! Should have put you on the cover:)

    1. jane says:

      Thanks Libby, how great would it have been on the cover!! J x

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